Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Power of Meditation for Positive Thinking

We all handle stress in different ways, but have you tapped into the power of meditation? We hear so much about yoga, meditation and stress relief, we wanted to know what it was really all about. Can everyone do it? Should we?

We turned to Yogmata Keiko Aikawa,  a highly regarded and well-respected Siddha Master (having achieved the ultimate stage of meditation and yoga.)

GalTime: In this busy world, could all of us benefit from meditation? Why?

Yogmata Keiko Aikawa: The civilized world that we live in is conveniently filled with things that we perceive as necessary for us. But in actuality, we are thrown into disarray by our want of it. Thus, it constantly keeps our body and mind busy by reacting to it - which causes a state of tension. Even when you trying to get refreshed, you are using some type of object and there exists a subject matter that you are always dependent upon.

For instance, when you play games for pleasure, you are actually at the mercy of those games themselves. You might think that you are making your body and mind relaxed by playing games but this activity does not actually make you return to a true balanced state of oneself. By utilizing your body and mind as a tool, meditation is a practice that will assist you in achieving a deep, relaxed state of your mind.

When you meditate, you are not dependent on any material tools. Therefore, anybody can meditate anywhere and receive its blessing. Even children and the elderly can practice meditation as well.

What’s more, anybody can practice meditation anytime and anywhere. However, in order to practice it in a proper fashion, it is necessary to receive proper supervision from a master.  Finally, by practicing meditation, it will assist you to bring more harmony to your mind and body, where a deep calm can be regained, your energy be charged and rejuvenated - which will ultimately serve you to restore your livelihood.

GalTime: Let's start with the basics. What do people need to know about meditation if they've never done it before but they want to learn?

Yogmata Keiko Aikawa: According to Himalayan teachings, first one meets with a master. Then, you receive an initiation and a blessing called Diksha from the master.  The Diksha will purify the accumulated stress that is in one’s body and mind - dating from their past lives - which will help regain balance in your life. Additionally, the master will grant a mantra - a sound vibration which is part of the initiation of a secret meditation technique.

By chanting the mantra in your mind while meditating, it will detach you from your mind and make you become one with the divine vibrations. This vibration will purify your mind so you are lead to tranquility and a quiet, energetic state that resembles the bottom of the sea. People without masters are able to meditate by channeling to the noble existence in their mind.

GalTime: What should they know about the physical and  mental commitment...and should there be goals and intentions set?

Yogmata Keiko Aikawa: