Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hit successful chip shots!

Hitting successful chip shots from around the green requires a few basic fundamentals to understand. I think chipping is a little like putting, in that there's more than one right way to succeed. Some players like less hand and wrist movements, while other players like to feel some flex or play in the hands and wrists. Some like to open their stance, while others prefer a square stance. And on and on go the different ways to hit a chip, as it seems the ways to get the job done are endless.

  • Let the upper body rotate and the right knee move back on the backswing. 

  • At impact, the body is square to slightly open. But what you can't see here is I'm continually rotating.

  • It's obvious my upper body is turned, but check out my right knee. Its forward position indicates some lower body movement and the proper weight shift.

That said, there happen to be two keys that I think are required to execute successful chips. The first is to understand where the majority of your weight should be during the stroke, and where the ball should be.