Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mental Game Tips

It’s important to have the right attitude and mindset when playing any kind of sport, but it’s even more vital in the game of golf.  In no other sport do you have as much time to think, whether it’s the slow pace in-between shots or how the ball just sits there while you make a swing.

That means in order to play your best you are going to have to have your thoughts under control.  The precision golf requires means that any kind of negative thought running in your head can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  How well you play the mental game is going to have a significant effect on how well you score on a given day.

The mind is the key to learning how to play the game and repeating the correct mechanics.  The more your allow your mind to feel proper technique and in-grain those moves the easier they will be to become automated for you, even when you are thinking about them.

Your brain is also the place of origin for fear or anxiety that will cause tension in your swing.  Learning to relax even under pressure will enable you to repeat a smooth, flowing swing.  By focusing on what you want to happen, instead of what you are afraid might happen enables you to hit better shots.  Of course, if there is water running down the fairway to the left that doesn’t mean ignore it and the hazard will go away.  I just mean that if all you are thinking about is the water, your mind will start to think you want to send your ball swimming instead of hitting it down the fairway.

Our mental game tips will cover a lot of areas: learning, focus and concentration, reducing anxiety, setting goals, anger management, visualizing shots, course management, and blocking out distractions.  We will help you to eliminate the mental obstacles preventing you from reaching your potential.

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