Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Relax! 4 Tips for Calming Your Mind

We all want to to be able to relax and find what we imagine to be some zen-like state where we feel calm and peaceful.  Our daily lives keep our mind working on over-time, and it can certainly take its toll on us, both mentally and physically.  I had heard so many people talk about the amazing benefits of mediation, so I decided that it only made sense that I should be meditating, too.  Unfortunately, after several failed attempts at embracing a meditation practice, I had pretty much given up.  It seemed more of a chore to me than a relaxation technique.  I had to find a quiet place, stop what I was doing, filter out distractions.  Was I sitting the right way?  Was I doing it right?  What was supposed to happen?  This all seemed too difficult for me, so I conveniently became forgetful and stopped even trying.

After a while, I had pretty much dismissed the idea of mediation and continued on with my life.  Because I do a lot of writing, I have developed some techniques that help get me in my “writing place” before beginning to write.  Well, as I sat in the stillness and prepared myself to start writing, I realized something.  I was meditating!  How did this happen?  I was just winging it, and it felt so good!  Amazed, I decided to figure out what exactly I was doing, and how I was bringing myself into this peaceful state that I had discovered myself in.  So today, I want to share some of the tips I have discovered that may help you calm your mind.  If you let yourself, you might find yourself meditating by accident, too!

1. Use falling asleep as your springboard.