Friday, December 28, 2012

6 Tips To Create A Meditation Space

We all need a special place that we can escape to and connect with our own higher power. It helps recharge our energy and keeps us balanced. 

I have created a beautiful meditation room on the loft balcony of my Sydney Terrace home. Each time I walk past my sacred space it soothes my soul.

I love to do my daily chants, yoga and meditations in my own sacred space. 

However you can do whatever you want in your space: you can read, sleep, sing, knit, read angel cards and the list goes on.

You will be taking a courageous step in your spiritual development by creating a beautiful energy-space in your home.  

It will be a safe haven to listen to your soul and get the answers to your questions... Sacred spaces can be created anywhere, even if it is just a tiny corner in your bedroom. There are no rules to creating your own meditation room or sacred space. Follow your heart and put in everything that you love. The space should feel like bliss, it should be a place where you can just be alone and relaxed.

Follow your bliss and let’s get started. Here are some ideas to create a beautiful sacred space.

1. Choose a room or space that makes you feel good. 

Take into consideration the lighting, the quietness and how many people walk through it. Will it be a place of solace? If you don't have a whole room to dedicate to your sacred space then choose a corner of a room, or somewhere in your garden. You may even like to put up a bamboo screen to create the feeling of a separate space.

2. Keep the room simple and uncluttered. 

Choose a few items that find bring you peace and serenity. Some basics would be a meditation pillow, a small table, a mat and maybe a nice throw rug.

3. Add a touch of nature. 

Mediation is all about connecting with nature and your surrounds. By adding an element of nature, you space becomes infused with balance and harmony. You can place your favourite plant, a vase of flowers, a jar of shells, a small water feature or whatever else it is that you find beautiful in nature.