Friday, December 28, 2012

5 Keys To A Successful Golf Swing

Do you feel that no matter how much effort you put on your swing, the ball just doesn't go as far as you hope it would? One belief that had always been corrected is that golfers think the distance the ball travels is relative to the power of the swing. In some way, yes. But in most, not really.

1. The secret to a successful swing is your stance. If your standing posture is relaxed but firm and proper, then there is balance thus triggering a very detailed and composed driving force once you swing your club.

Stand tall and have your heels flat on the ground. Your shoulder must be wide apart. Bend forward and keep your back straight. Let your behind stick out a bit. Hang your arms like a monkey. Keep your chin up. Concentrate on the ball. Right handed golfers let their right side tilt lower than the left. Support your weight by the balls of both your feet.

Just relax and keep the knees slightly apart. Do not let yourself be in a sitting position. A great swing is attained once the perfect stance is mastered. Just like how tennis players serve, the proper stance is achieved from practicing over and over again. Stand in front of a mirror so you know what you are doing wrong.

2. The proper club is also a factor. Sometimes you have to trust the club to do some of the work for you. One club is specifically designed to accomplish a particular feat. A golfer knows which club to use when he is on a specific kind of terrain.

3. So there's stance. Then there's club. The third factor is your swing. This is the launching pad of your game. Your swing is affected by your stance. Make sure that you are standing properly.

When you do the Golf Back Swing, drop your arms. Focus on how you swing your golf club. Turn your back from the target as you conduct your swing. It is as if you are merely putting the club on your back.

When you do the Golf Down Swing, relax. Just do it. Do not think too much about it. This swing is at its best when it is done at its most natural.

4. In hitting the ball, you must come in contact with it by making sure that your hands are in proper position, depending on the stance you have grown accustomed in.