Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Zen Meditation Techniques for Men

Meditation is among the most preached of relaxation methods,

often recommended for getting rid of our anxieties and alleviating pain or suffering. However, meditation isn't the simplest of things to practice or gain perfection over, since it requires maintaining absolute focus. Yes, the benefits are immense with greater concentration, lesser anxiety and an overall feeling of wellness. Zen Meditation works upon the principle of gaining enlightenment which essentially means you are elevated to a level where your mind is free from the usual clutter of disturbing ideas. When you are in the Zen Meditation state, you are passing into a state of self-reflection & introspection that helps to create a mind and body synergy.

The difficulties of mastering the art of Zen meditation often makes people quit this rather helpful lifestyle habit. The objective of this article is to help you gain a certain degree of control over Zen Meditation. These tips are easy to understand and follow:

• Set aside a specific time during which you plan to meditate. Just like your body follows a sleeping regimen, your mind will gradually become accustomed to the idea of meditating or concentrating, every day.

• Before trying to focus your mind, try to slow your breathing pattern. Unless, the breathing in under control, you won’t be able to concentrate. Unless, a slower breathing pattern is adopted, your muscles won’t be able to relax. This is the only way to regulate your circulation also so that you don’t sweat too much or feel thirsty and irritated.

• It is better to do some basic stretching before you get seated for your meditation. This helps to loosen the tendons and muscles. This aids better circulation of blood. These factors help to be seated in the same position without feeling bodily pain or discomfort.