Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ten Reasons To Play Golf

One of the most popular sports, golf provides both a physical and mental challenge. Golf tests you on solving the problem of getting the ball from the tee to the green with the smallest number of strokes. Physically, golf requires coordination, skill and stamina. If you ride in a cart, you still have to get in and out, walk to where the ball landed and swing the club.


Golf requires a variety of movement. At the tee, you'll swing the golf club, which stretches your entire body. When you walk the course, you'll benefit from the aerobic activity. Even if you use a cart, you'll still have to do some walking.

Fresh Air

A full 18 holes of golf requires hours of being outdoors. Fresh air is invigorating, healthy and relaxing. When you play golf, you'll be surrounded by plants that take in carbon dioxide and emit plenty of oxygen. which benefits your body.


Playing golf requires you to be out in the sun. The sunshine helps your body to make vitamin D that will boost your mood and help your bones absorb calcium. But remember your sunscreen.


The golf course is an extension of the office for many business people. Between shots you'll have time to discuss deals, without the stress of sitting in a stuffy office, wearing starched shirts. Between the course and the clubhouse, you can also network and meet other business people.

All Skill Levels Can Play

Regardless of your skill level, you can play golf with anyone at any skill level. Unlike tennis, a sport that requires hitting the ball back and forth, golf matches are often played with a handicapped score based on your ability.

Challenge for Everyone