Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to Meditate your way to Happiness and Success

The time is Now to learn how to meditate. The following is a very simple technique that you can use to rapidly expand your awareness and get in touch with your own inner peace, happiness and outer success. It’s only one of many techniques, but it’s easy, takes very little time, and is thoroughly enjoyable.

It’s best to commit to a regular practice up front. Meditation needs to be experienced, and you need to develop over a period of months to really experience what it’s all about because it doesn’t happen overnight. So decide your level of commitment now. I suggest you map out five minutes every single day to begin with, moving up to ten, then 20 minutes a day after a few months. Start slow, but make the pledge.

Find a quiet spot to sit where you will not be disturbed. This requires as little distraction as possible. If you have kids, arrange for them not to interrupt. You might think it’s impossible, but millions of people meditate around the world and make it work.

Most westerners don’t find sitting in a lotus position very comfortable (myself included ~ not enough yoga lately), so instead, find a comfortable chair that you can sit upright in. The important thing when learning how to meditate is to keep the spine erect and make sure the only thing supporting your head is your neck (so you don’t fall asleep).

Close your eyes and take in three full breaths, breathing in and out through the nose. Now, relax. Notice your breathing. Is your belly expanding and contracting with each breath? Or is it your chest? Make sure you breathe into the abdomen during your meditation. This expands the diaphragm and stimulates the relaxation response.

If you have never meditated before,