Monday, November 12, 2012

ZEN GOLF Tip of the Week: Process Over Result

Thinking too much about the result you want from a shot can get in the way of executing it properly. It can make you tight with tension or excited with anticipation. Either way, it means interference with the flow of your routine and your swing. A better approach is to focus entirely on the following four-step process:

1. Choose a target that will leave you in the position you want without too much risk of landing in trouble.

2. Have a good image of the shot you want to play to that target.
3. Feel the swing you want to make to produce that image.
4. Commit to that swing. Keep a smooth flow through your routine and address, and a good tempo through your swing.

Take care of the process in that way and the results will take care of themselves.

excerpted from GOLF: The Art of the Mental Game
© 2008 Dr. Joseph Parent