Friday, November 9, 2012

How To Motivate Yourself To Actually Achieve Your Goals

Starting something new is hard. It can even be a little terrifying. Maybe you don’t know where to start, or maybe you’re scared of failure. But the only way you’ll ever get anything done is if you just get up and do it. Here’s how to conquer those fears, get off your arse, and actually achieve those goals.

We all have unfinished projects, and a lack of motivation is one of the biggest reasons we don’t accomplish them. Maybe it’s that book you’ve been planning on starting for National Novel Writing Month; perhaps it’s the new job you always find excuses not to search for; maybe it’s the abundance of artistic talent you waste sitting on the couch watching a movie marathon.

It’s easy to continually put off new projects in favour of sticking to the status quo. But as Mythbusters host Adam Savage points out, when we set our minds to something, we all go through the same process:

    (1) I don’t know how, (2) I can’t afford to pay someone else to do it, (3) I have to do it, (4) hey, that wasn’t so hard!

Getting off your arse and getting things done is not easy — nor will it ever be — but it doesn’t have to be hard. If you have the right plan and attitude, you will be a lot more likely to succeed. In fact, getting off your arse and doing something is incredibly easy and only requires a few steps:

    Find your goal: You don’t even have to do anything — just sit and think about what you want to do.
    Research: The more research you do, the easier the task in front of you is going to be. Heck, you can do anything if all it takes is following directions.
    Set deadlines and stick to them: Setting deadlines is easy — just pick a date. Keeping yourself to them is a bit harder, but you can work a rewards system into it to keep you on track.
    Give yourself the time to work: At least 15 minutes a day. That’s easy, right?
    Start: Seriously, all you have to do is start into it — if you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll keep it up.

The whole process of getting off your arse and motivating yourself really is that basic. But if you’re struggling with it, lets take a look at some of the tricks you can use to keep yourself going.

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