Friday, November 9, 2012

5 Ways to Make Meditating More Effective

Do you meditate? If so, how often? I know some people who meditate daily at the same time and place without fail, and I know people who only meditate when they want to connect with their spirit guides to get an answer to a life question. Meditation is a powerful tool you can use to get clarity in your life, peace in your heart, and wisdom in your soul. It can assist you in clearing up health problems, and help you raise your vibration. I highly encourage you to learn how to meditate if you’ve never done so. If you are an accomplished meditator, you probably already have some effective methods. If you’re just starting out or want to improve your meditation experience, here are five ways to make meditating more effective.

Find a good spot

You will increase the effectiveness of your meditation if you meditate in the same location every time. It will condition your mind to immediately go to a meditative state or to move there faster. Some people like to meditate in bed, but the danger with that is that if you’re going to bed for other reasons, you may end up in a meditative state without really meaning to. So before you decided that the bed is the best place to meditate be sure that’s really in your best interest. If you want to lie down, you can try a couch or a mat on the floor.

A lot of practiced meditators like to set up a spot in a corner or some other dedicated room location. Sometimes they use pillows or a mat or a chair that can recline. You can set up your meditation location with extra goodies like candles, incense, or a CD player so you can listen to meditative music. Make your meditation location comfortable and relaxing. Then, every time you go there, your mind will automatically start going into a meditative state. If you only use that location for meditation, all the better. You can also try meditating outside or in nature. Let the ambient sounds of nature lull you into a relaxing meditative state.

Pick a good time