Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Physical Benefits of Zen Meditation

What comes to mind when the benefits of Zen meditation are mentioned? Most people will mention the spiritual and mental benefits of the meditation process. Such statements are accurate but they are not entirely complete. That is, there are physical benefits to Zen meditation as well. This is a very good thing because you cannot have a healthy mind or spirit if your body is weak.

When you meditate regularly you will discover your sleep becomes more restful. This is no minor benefit. Having proper and deep sleeping patterns help your body with its metabolic function. This is because muscle repairs itself during the body’s resting stage. As a result, your ability to develop lean muscle mass is optimized. This will have many benefits towards your overall health and fitness levels.

There have been numerous reports that regular meditation can improve the immune system. A stronger immune system means you will be more resistance to common colds, flu, and other maladies. It also means you can recover quicker from when these “bugs” affect you.

We often equate alleviating stress with mental health but it also goes hand in hand with physical health. That is because a person who lives relatively stress free will not be susceptible to the common (serious) ailments that can affect the heart. To say that a healthy heart is vital to living a long and healthy life would be a dramatic understatement.

Additionally, Zen meditation has been reported to reduce cholesterol levels. High levels of cholesterol are often blamed for heart ailments. So, consider Zen meditation’s positive impact on cholesterol levels yet another way it can improve heart health.

Zen meditation has been known to reduce blood pressure. This is often attributed due to the calming effect that meditation provides. Considering the fact that high blood pressure often contributes to a number of maladies, the ability of Zen meditation to lower blood pressure is a huge plus.

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