Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Golf Short Game Chipping Practice Tips, Ideas and Suggestions

Short Game Golf Master Class

- Turn 5 into 4
- Get up and down every time with our key short game recovery shots.

Many average golfers achieve little success at basic greenside recovery shots.
Improvement in your short game can reduce your scores dramatically.
Crowlands Heath Head Golf Professional Chris Jenkins will offer you a few short game ideas which you will find easy to implement into your own game.

Expert Chipping

Typically, I find that club golfers tend to use the same club, usually one of their wedges, for all chip and pitch shots around the green. That is fine if you have a sound technique and endless hours to refine your feel for distance, and judgement of spin. For those who don’t have endless hours to practise golf, a more reliable and consistent method involves the use of a variety of different clubs to get the ball close:

The idea is for the ball always to land a couple of feet onto the green, where the bounce is more predictable. Simply vary your club selection to produce sufficient roll to get the ball to the hole. This might be a wedge if the flag is close to you or it might be as high as a 5 iron if the flag is at the far side of the green. You can even use a rescue club or wood if you feel that’s the club which is needed to get the ball to the hole (fig.6).

Using this method is easier because you are always looking to land the ball in the same spot. Choosing the correct club, will dictate the spin and roll of the ball. There is less emphasis on ‘feel’ with this method, as opposed to what is required when a single club is relied upon to produce this shot to a variety of landing areas.