Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Golf Fitness Stretches and Exercise Tips

Any preconceptions that golf conditioning means hours on end in the gym lifting heavy weights until you can’t lift any more are wrong as it doesn’t! Simple exercise and fitness tips can make your golf a whole different game.

Did you know that 20 years ago the average handicap for both men and women was exactly the same as it is today? Golfers are having more lessons than ever before and are buying more new equipment which hits the ball both further and straighter, so why have they not improved?
The answer is that they have not improved the most important piece of equipment…… themselves!

Have you ever wondered that when you’ve had a golf lesson and you’ve been told to go away and practice a new movement, why it was that when you’ve gone back for your next lesson, your pro has told you that your swing hasn’t changed enough yet and you have to go away and practice it more?
The reason for this is that although you know what you need to do you may not be strong or flexible enough to achieve it. Gone are the days when doing what we’ve always done is enough and we need to do more to achieve the results we want.

If you are serious about improving your game then try employing the exercise techniques of a golf fitness trainer and link their knowledge to your golf lesson. You might be surprised at how much quicker your golf game can improve!

Remember, you’re only as strong as your weakest point and that can have a huge impact on your golf swing!!

There are many different things that contribute to playing an enjoyable and successful round of golf. There is the need for supple muscles and joints and physical fitness.

The first step in preparing the body for an enjoyable, worthwhile practice session or round of golf is to stretch the muscle groups that work during the golf swing.

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