Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Simple Scientific Meditation for Happy and Successful Life

All the research reports on the meditation have proved umpteen times that meditation is extremely helpful for us to enjoy a healthy and successful life. Meditation is equally beneficial for housewives, pregnant woman, working persons, students, or retired persons. You will rarely find a man now-a-days who doesn’t experience a daily dose of crushing tension. But neither money nor the doctors can make you free from this biggest disease of modern civilization. Only meditation can rescue us and the happy news is that it is easy and totally free, and without any side-effects.


Meditation is an ancient Indian art (called ‘Dhyana’ in India) whose magical effect was known to the Indians thousands of years ago, and they taught it to the whole world. Unfortunately further research on the art was not carried on in India to simplify it and use it as an effective treatment for various ailments. Although research continued to be conducted by Western psychotherapists and saints of Indian origin living there. Various methods evolved time to time to maximize the benefits and simplify the art.


Before evaluating the health benefits and effectiveness of meditation we have to explore the reasons behind illness. Modern life style is taking us away from the nature and disturbing natural rhythm of communication between mind and body. This rhythmic disturbance creates hindrance in the functions of our body, causing a situation, which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases. In addition, lack of physical exercise encourages such a negative process. If we are able to evolve a procedure that can help us to restore healthy communication between our mind and body it will strengthen the immune system of our body and make us healthier.

Meditation is the best antidote to the unhealthy process. It harmonizes the communication between the various parts of our body, especially the mind and the body, bringing a natural rhythm in them.