Friday, January 31, 2014

Tips for Juniors Who Want to Play College Golf

Playing college golf can be a wonderful experience and is the goal of many junior golfers. The biggest challenge for the average junior golfer is deciding where he or she fits into the college golf picture.

One thing that is consistent for any high school player is the importance of a good golf resume. Your resume will give a college coach an accurate account of your golfing and academic record. The following are a few tips on how to put together a strong resume and how to get that resume into the hands of college golf coaches.

Preparing Your Resume
Your resume begins with the basics. The vital information should include:

• Name
• Address
• Telephone
• Birth date
• Social Security Number
• Height
• Weight
• Name of High School
• Month and Year of Graduation
• Grade Point Average/Class Rank
• SAT or ACT Scores
• USGA or State Handicap Index
• High School Stroke Average
• List Other Sports and Extracurricular activities

Next is the most important part. You need to list your tournament results and highlights. These scores are much more important than a handicap from your home club. Remember to list:

• Event name and location
• Number of players in the field
• Your finish
• Course rating and distance
• Unusual weather for the event
• Yardage for the course

This part of the resume is where you show a college coach how well you play tournament golf. You may want to break this down by year, so coaches can see improvement from year to year.

Along with a cover letter, this resume will be sent to college coaches.

Many high school players also send video to coaches. If you can get taped, this is a good idea. Remember to use a VHS tape with good quality (or burn a CD/DVD).