Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ten top putting tips

More than 40 percent of strokes in a round of golf are made with the putter on the putting green and it’s here that most frustration with golf occurs.

Take the time to practice your pre-shot routine, establish a consistent ball-strike with the sweet spot, and give our Putting Practice Drills a go while you're on the practice putting green.

Here’s a few golf putting tips to work on to eradicate those niggling three-putts and bring your scores and handicap tumbling. These drills will aid your putting technique if you put them into practice.

10. Left below right

Comfort and alignment are crucial but the shoulders must be kept square and aligned to the direction of the line on which you want the ball to roll. Try left hand below right, (if you’re a right handed player – and like Jim Furyk or Padraig Harrington); it helps to keep the shoulders square at impact. You may have to adjust to a shorter-shafted putter to get the full value of the stroke.

9. Routine procedure

Establishing an identical pre-shot routine is essential. Check the line (ideally while others are putting out but not in their eye-line), address slightly away from the ball, check your alignment, practice swing to get the feel of the pace, shuffle forward to the ball.

One look then pull the trigger, smoothly back and through, which is even more vital on the monster putts as a poor motion will leave you in three-putt territory.

8. Fringe benefits

Putting from the fringe of the green, imagine the hole is a few feet further from you and ensure you follow through to get a good roll.

Remember though, depending on your touch, you still have a choice to either chip or putt off the fringe or alternatively try a rescue club for chipping if there's one in your bag.