Sunday, September 22, 2013

Meditation for Beginners – Easy Way To Start Meditating

If you’re curious about meditation but have no clue how to get started, these essential meditation for beginners tips will help you avoid the frustration that’s commonly associated with meditation.

Beginners often have difficulty silencing their mental chatter. That’s the biggest complaint. It’s hard to sit still because of the urge to get up and take care of that stuff, and that leads to frustration and a belief that “I can’t meditate!”

Modern society insists that we always “do” something and that sitting still is a waste of time. But is it? What is wasteful about developing self-mastery? About healing your body? About allowing your inner guidance to help you make better decisions?

Think of meditation as an investment in yourself. You achieve greater clarity, self-awareness and receive inspiration very quickly. In fact, you may experience these effects shortly after starting your practice!
Meditation is a discipline. It takes commitment. However, with the advent of brainwave entrainment technology, you don’t have to go through the beginner’s woes. You can get right into meditation and in time, learn to get into that state anytime you desire.

Meditation for Beginners

1. Be well rested. If you meditate in the evening when you’re tired, you’re likely to fall asleep. Either catch up on sleep, or meditate when you are fresh and awake. It’s hard to meditate if all you do is nap!

2. Choose your meditation space carefully. Avoid places with distractions like other people, pets, music, traffic noise, etc. And turn off your phones and all electronic reminders!

3. Make it a ritual. A ritual becomes a habit when you repeat it. Making meditation a habit is one of the best ways you can improve your life! If you like incense, light some.