Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Golf Driver Swing: How to Stop Slicing

To have the ability to drive the golf ball straight using your driver from the tee box is really important, simply because it will set the tone for the whole hole you're on. A perfect golf driver swing may improve your probability to score a "Birdie" or perhaps may also find yourself in a large mess if you slice the ball into the rough or perhaps out of bounds. Slicing the ball is primarily a problem with all levels of golfers, ranging from an amateur to a pro. Slicing depends upon the particular kinematics of the shot. The rotational movement of the ball imparts a force making the ball to curve to left or right in midair creating slicing.

Though it is among the major issues that lots of golfers have, it can be resolved through continual practice in addition to perfected techniques. Below are a few tips which can be employed to avoid slicing while you take the all-important golf driver swing.

1. Griping The Golf club

Grip the golf club by positioning the left thumb in line with the shaft of the golf club, and curl the other fingers around the shaft making sure that they are aiming toward your right eye. Grip the club firmly and when you have the club in position, the first three knuckles of your left hand ought to be visible. Your forefinger and thumb should really create a 'V' formation that's acute enough so the forefinger points to the right shoulder. This type of golf grip is known as a strong golf grip, and it's extremely important to have a strong grip instead of a weak or a neutral golf grip to prevent slicing the ball.

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