Monday, July 8, 2013

Get Started: Buddhist Meditation Techniques for Beginners

By this time you have probably read many articles on the internet and/or watched YouTube videos and talked to your friends about the benefits of Buddhist meditation techniques. Knowing about the benefits would not make you stress free, happy, and content. However, a diligent daily practice will set you free.

So, Lets Get Started:

The following is a simple process that you can start Buddhist Mindfulness meditation today whether you are beginner or intermediate or advanced meditator. It is not important where you are in terms of knowing the Buddhist meditation techniques.

                Rather, it is important WHETHER you do meditation regularly; incorporate meditation in everyday life to achieve serenity, happiness and equanimity.


Learn about the Buddhist meditation techniques and how it is practiced. You can check out my other articles – Anapana Sati – Mindfulness Meditation to learn how to focus your mind (one-pointedness concentration). For absolute beginner – check out Buddhist Walking Meditation to start your meditation. 

Main Focus:

Practice 90 % and Theory about meditation 10 %. This is an overall plan and you will need to learn basic meditation techniques such as Anapana Sati – Mindfulness Meditation or Buddhist Walking Meditation before starting Vipassana meditation.”

If you have done any Buddhist retreats and you are able to have one-pointedness concentration, you can start right away with Vipassana Meditation. After you read the plan below, make sure to click on individual Buddhist meditation techniques at the bottom of this article and refer to this plan as often as needed.

Goal of Meditation:

Start with a basic premise that you are going to meditate starting today with 15 minutes of Buddhist Walking or Anapana Sati Meditation. Your progress is yours. There is no contest or absolute goal to become enlightened very fast.