Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tips for Improving Your Golf Game for Beginners

Most recreational golf players do not have the luxury of having an instructor watch their every swing and discuss problem areas. Hiring a golf instructor can be expensive and most of us cannot afford to periodically check-in with a golf pro for pointers. Golfers are always trying to find ways to lower their scores and improve their game.

For those who cannot afford a golf instructor to analyze their every move, here are a few tips for beginners wishing to lower their scores at the game:

Work On Your Swing

A proper golf swing should be driven by the hips and your goal is to wield the club into a pendulum-like manner that creates the widest arc. There are five components to a proper swing. These are the grip, stance, backswing, downswing and finish.

Grip - According to legendary golfer Ben Hogan, the grip is critical because it is the only link between the ball and the body. He suggests gripping the club with the left hand slightly above the right. Also the left index finger should be under the right pinky. The right thumb should point to the left, while the left thumb should point down the shaft.

Stance - Your knees must be slightly flexed as if sitting on a stool. The upper body and back should remain straight while keeping your chin up but relaxed. This allows for proper shoulder rotation during the backswing. Also, your arms must remain straight but relaxed.

Backswing - In a backswing, the clubhead, shaft and hands are first then followed by the arms, shoulders and hips to be followed by a complete hip rotation. At the top swing, try to keep the club as parallel to the ground as possible. At this position, imagine you are pointing your club at the target.

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