Thursday, May 30, 2013

Golf improvement and success tips

There’s some repetitiveness here. This highlights the importance of the concepts. Enjoy,
1.    Stop thinking so much.
2.    Practice like you play.
3.    Be clear with your intention.
4.    Don’t panic.
5.    Golf is about hitting the ball to a predefined target.
6.    The walk to the ball is more important (maybe more important than the swing).
7.    The practice fairway is for warming up.
8.    Practice nets are underused by most golfers.
9.    Learn about course design.
10.    Teaching others is the best way to learn.
11.    Stay present.
12.    Your grip should allow you to swing the club with speed.
13.    Look with soft eyes.
14.    Play the game.
15.    Moe Norman.
16.    Visualisation just prior to hitting the ball is not a good thing.
17.    Play the shot you know you can hit.
18.    Write about your experiences.
19.    Awareness.
20.    Ignore Pesky.
21.    Feel the wind in your face.
22.    Smell the roses.
23.    Don’t obsess about the result.
24.    A bad shot doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.
25.    A good shot doesn’t mean you’re a good person.
26.    Why do you play?
27.    Watch a young kid play the game.
28.    Fear is when your brain stops working.
29.    Choking is over thinking.
30.    Help others.
31.    Ignore your playing partners if they offer too much swing advice.
32.    The swing is not the game.
33.    Your subconscious is king.
34.    If you can throw a ball and ride a bike you should be playing better golf.
35.    Your handicap is a stupid number.
36.    Don’t be defined by your handicap.
37.    Play how you want to.
38.    The short game really is important.
39.    Swinging slower doesn’t really help.
40.    Can you feel your swing from start to finish?
41.    Focus on the weight of the club head.

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