Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meditation Techniques For Everyday Life

 Stop Thinking

Quiet Your Busy Mind & stop Thinking In Just 5 minutes by using this  Great Technique.
Did you know that on average you think about 100,000 thoughts every day and most of them are negative, stressful self-limiting and self destructive?Learn how to watch your thoughts and replace the negative ones with uplifting positive thoughts. This way you can stop your thinking.

The key to making good decisions and creating a happier life is in your hands.
You will discover that happiness is a choice.

If at first this exercise doesn't quiet your busy mind and stop thinking, don't give up.Like mastering a new skill, it takes practice - the more you use it the more skilled you become.Keep at it! Your mind storm will calm down and your body will melt into a peaceful relaxation.

Watch your thoughts

Take a few deep easy breaths, allow your awareness to come into the present moment and feel your entire body relax, then gently close your eyes.
For about 1 minute, stay alert while you easily watch thoughts flowing through your mind. Just watch them and let them go.
Don't strain, don't try, just let go and relax.
Now gently open your eyes.

  •     Did you notice thoughts moving through your mind?
  •     What else did you notice? Did the busy mind chatter slow down?
  •     Were there lots of thoughts or a few thoughts?
Please continue.

Count your thoughts  

Now you will count your thoughts for a couple of minutes. For example, if you notice the sound of a bird singing outside, count that as thought 

#1.If you notice a sensation in your body, count that as thought

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