Saturday, December 1, 2012

Build A Confident On Plane Golf Swing

Golf is a great game made up of rules and standards. It’s more than that however! Golf is a wonderful challenge requiring participants to possess a strong  mindset and a heap of self-confidence…..

If you are confident enough in your own ability to swing a golf club, then you will have no fear of sending that golf ball where ever you want it to go. Confidence is trusting in yourself and your golf swing mechanics and simply knowing that the golf ball will fly towards its intended target.

But why does the game bring out the very opposite of self confidence in most golfers? Fear. Depending on the individual, fear manifests itself in a number of ways. Be it fear of embarrassment, fear of failure or fear of the losing results or any number of other “illusions”, when the golfer focuses on the negatives that’s usually what he/she will get..

Determining before even hitting the golf ball that the consequences will be bad,  is certainly a shot to one’s self-confidence. Fear anxiety of hitting your golf ball errantly, takes you out of the moment at hand. How can a golfer “be present” if his /her mind is fixated on the poor result to follow? It’s a wonder that many golfers can even swing the club back and through, with all the cautions ,and don’ts ,  shouting in their heads.  The guru said what you focus on expands, and this in the game of golf, is underscored a hundred times.

Most professional golfers have one shape of golf shot that they like to hit more or less religiously, whether it be a fade, draw, or straight. However, often during the course of a game they are required to work the ball in a different shape and even trajectory from their “go to shot”. 

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