Tuesday, September 18, 2012

7 Zen Habits of Highly Efficient Minds

Zen habits are simple lifestyle habits that have the potential to radically alter the efficiency of our minds and the potential of our lives.  We can easily integrate these habits into our daily routines to keep our minds sharp and efficient for years to come.  Here are seven ways to keep a great head on your shoulders:

1.  Challenge your mind with new activities, skills and information.

The primary function of the human mind is its ability to absorb information and adapt to challenging unfamiliar environments.  Do you remember the old saying ‘use it or lose it?’  Nothing could be closer to the truth.  If you don’t use your mind, you will lose your mind.  So broaden your horizons, learn new skills and challenge your mind every single day.

2.  Your mind is part of your body.  Fuel, exercise and rest your body properly.

The human brain accounts for roughly 2% of the total mass of the human body, yet it consumes over 20% of the oxygen and nutrients the human body intakes.  Therefore, it makes sense to fuel your body with healthy food and keep your blood oxygen levels high with regular exercise.  Also, a tired mind is rarely productive, so get yourself enough sleep every night.  For a practical guide on maintaining a healthy, fit body I recommend The 4-Hour Body.

3.  Pay attention now.  Concentrate on the present.

People often obsess themselves with the past and the future.  But life is happening right now.  You can’t learn something or remember something that’s happening now if your mind is stuck in another time.

It takes about eight seconds of intense focus to process a new piece of information into your long-term memory.  So don’t let your life and your mind slip away.  Instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, practice being and living in the present moment.