Monday, July 8, 2013

How To Perform The Perfect Golf Swing

Perform the Perfect Golf Swing. If you want to know how to carry out a golf swing or are looking for ways to improve your golfing performance - this is for you. This film will prevent that 'hook' or 'slice' off the tee!

Step 1: Position yourself in line with the flag

When approaching your ball, look out for a nearby leaf, small stone or broken tee which is in a direct line between the flag you are aiming for, and your ball. Imagine a line between these 2 reference points and put your club face square to it. Now stand parallel to this imaginary line. You are correctly orientated to begin the perfect golf swing.

Step 2: Grip your left hand correctly

Making sure your club is naturally on the ground behind the ball, place it in the left hand so that the shaft lies across the top of the forefinger. It should fit under the heel of the palm, to make space for the stability of the club. Make sure that the little finger is around the grip so that there is no room for the club to move.

Step 3: TIP!

Make sure that the thumb is straight on top of the shaft with a natural grip. You should be able to see 2 or 3 knuckles of your hand. This is the correct left hand grip.

Step 4: Grip your right hand correctly

With your right arm hanging naturally, shake hands with the club and settle into the grip. Fold your right hand over the left thumb. The thumb of the right hand on the club should be pointing to the right shoulder.

Step 5: Grip the back of the club correctly

There are 3 different ways to grip the back of a golf club – choose whichever feels better for you. The Vardon or Overlapping Grip is by far the most common method used in golf.